You Are The Hub Bub!

I just had an amazing revelation. Perry Belcher (one of 3 Perry’s, all in marketing) has always said “your blog is the starting point”. Well, it finally made sense to me today. I was sitting in a class that Carrie Wilkerson was teaching our Big Game Plan group saying she was going to do Erma Bombeck style writing on her blog. It just made sense. Her brands are diverse and for a wide range of audiences. She can be herself and yet allow those she resonates with self select and click on ads, links or banners on her site that they are interested in.

We are often asked “where do I send my social media traffic to?” Well, what makes most sense is to send them to your blog. Granted, other traffic (paid, targeted, etc) you can always send to a sales or squeeze page. But social media traffic and random traffic send to your blog. Let the reader get to know you. Let them self select as to what part of your biz they want (or need) to check out.

So, revelations come slowly for some and lightning fast for others. Get your personal blog going, write about whatever you want, offer ads and links to your biz related sites.



Some people know me as Mr Video and some know me as Perry Lawrence. I define 'success' as being content in all situations. Read a few posts here to get some insight into what's going on in my world.

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