Perry is the leading authority on video systems, a consultant, marketer, blogger, and fantastic chef. He’s an engaging and in-demand speaker who keeps audiences interested and entertained by combining humor and actionable advice.

Perry is an energetic and visual speaker. He doesn’t use slides filled with boring bullet points that make your audience want to drive off a cliff. You don’t get canned presentations with Perry. Sure, he can speak on a topic he’s done before but he customizes his topic for each event. He’ll customize his presentation for your industry & audience making sure the audience has actionable “take aways” relevant for them.

[quote_box author=”J. Mara DelliPriscoli,” profession=” President Travel Learning Connections, Inc.”] Wonderful Speaker, ultimately useful and approachable. Thanks for this gem. Your depth of knowledge on this subject and professionalism was greatly appreciated.[/quote_box]
[quote_box author=”John Morgan,” profession=” Author of Brand Against The Machine”] I’ve seen Perry speak a few times and I love how he breaks down what he’s teaching into a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement. Every time I hear him speak I come away with notes, having learned something new.[/quote_box]

Perry has delivered keynote speeches to thousands, lead interactive discussions with small groups, and been on panels full of people with huge egos. Whatever your needs are, he can meet. Unlike many speakers who only show up for their moment in the spotlight, Perry likes to actually meet people & engage with your audience. He’s super approachable (especially if someone buys him a Starbucks) and likes to spend time getting to know the audience.

Perry will speak on whatever topic you’d like but his most requested are all things related to streaming media, live broadcasting, and easy to implement systems.


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Perry has been helping entrepreneurs build their brands and market their business since 1998. He’s worked with some of the largest brands in the world and has helped entrepreneurs in over 400 different industries. Use this handy form to get in touch.

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