This is a listing of my plan – your’s will (and should) be a lot different. Use this as a guide for your own list. Not a bucket list but a list of steps along the way that you will accomplish. A lot more effective if you ask me.

1 Year Plan
Learn to sail (really well) on a small sailboat
Develop passive income streams*
Napa Valley

3 Year Plan
Out of Debt
Pair Down
Bigger sailboat*
– Machu Pichu
– Costa Rica
– Ireland
– Italy

5 Year Plan
Passive Income = Conscience Spending*
Live-aboard sailboat*

10 Year Plan

As you can see it’s not complicated, but there is a schema to the design. There are milestones* as well as some travel goals. There is no set “quit working” milestone as I don’t believe we’ll ever stop doing some sort of meaningful work. But as you can see the lifestyle is based around being in control of the schedule.

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