Simple Six Figures

My good friend Paul Evans is a machine. He gets up at 5am, works till 9(ish) and then goes out to play. His simple Six Figures is a program that reveals just how he is able to accomplish that. He has multiple businesses and multiple streams of income. He is a MASTER at simplifying things, teaching them and cutting out ALL the fat.

Paul’s secret? The recurring revenue model using low and no cost tools. In one niche, Paul only spends 30 minutes a WEEK working on it and it brought in $26,516.75 last month. And Paul has MANY sites like that. Get in on Paul’s Simple Six Figures at a ridiculously low price using my special FOP (Friend of Paul) link here.


Some people know me as Mr Video and some know me as Perry Lawrence. I define 'success' as being content in all situations. Read a few posts here to get some insight into what's going on in my world.

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