For the past 8 months or so I’ve had the good fortune to be able to produce and direct live TV. Our 2 hour show is shot in HD and streamed live over YouTube Events (YouTube’s streaming service) as well as Livestream. Our show also goes out to over 180 countries around the world via satellite and soon on Roku and Google Live.

Let me back up a little before jumping ahead…

You probably know me as Mr Video or AskMrVideo from the site or twitter account. I started out giving advice to video aficionados and anyone wanting to use video in their marketing mix. When I started AskMrVideo I was a full time contract worker at Ogilvy & Mather, a large (understatement) Ad Agency in NYC. I began AskMrVideo while commuting 3 hours via Amtrak (each way) to New York and back.

I moved my company to North Carolina, set up a studio, had fun. A lot of fun. I drifted away from doing a lot of video and consequently the marketing side got to be a drudge. I do believe that marketing is most successful when it’s born out of passion for what you love. It’s natural that way, it’s easy that way and it’s sustainable that way.

So, let’s boil that all down into a recipe for success:
1. Do what you love.
2. Talk about what you love.

Unfortunately I didn’t follow that too closely. Even what I WAS doing I wasn’t talking about effectively. Things just weren’t lining up. Every now and again we (I) can get sidetracked. It’s a signal that we aren’t doing what you should be doing or were meant to be doing. And when we aren’t doing what we were meant to be doing it’s mighty difficult to talk about.

About 8 months ago I had an opportunity to hit a reset button of sorts. I was on Craig’s List (of all places) and just happend to stumble upon a company looking for my skill set. As a matter of fact, it was a perfect fit and would incorporate not only my video skill set but the job would tap into my non-profit, marketing, audio, and engineering background and even into my spiritual training as well.

Long story short I got the job and am loving every minute. Greta people to work with and it scratches every creative itch I have.

So what am I doing exactly, well… let me tell you (see how natural and easy that was?) 😉

Live streaming television is awesome it a number of respects. First, it’s immediate. Second it’s intimate. Third it’s interactive.

It’s immediate in obvious terms. We go live every Friday night at 7:30pm EST. When 7:30 rolls around we flip the switches and it’s LIVE tv for 2 hours. I direct from the control room and switch using a Tricaster 855. That feed goes out to YouTube and get’s recorded locally as well (and later edited for time and distributed via satellite. We also stream live to Livestream. Livestream is simply amazing (streaming live to YouTube is too but only a select few have access to the tools – YouTube Events). You really have to be on your A-Game and fortunate for me, I have an amazing crew of camera people, floor directors, audio, and lighting folks.

Live tv is intimate in that you can be right in someone’s living room, half a world away distance wise but LIVE time wise. There is something powerful about live that those of you familiar with Saturday Night Live will understand. This is taken to another level when you’re ‘casting to a very targeted audience.

Streaming live over the internet is interactive in that we have an audience that we can chat with and interact with on a number of levels. The main advantage is that we can get real time feedback on what we are talking about as well as direct viewers to wherever their needs dictate. We’re only just scratching the surface on the interactive piece but so far, ROI have been significant and growing every broadcast.

In addition to our live broadcast we serve a number of clients in the Carolinas. Another show I direct is called Thankfully Local with Chef Chuck. This is a nationally broadcast cooking show on the Mav Network and produced by Firehorse Films. Another show I do is called Spirit Filled Living with Arthur Bailey. I’m also involved in some reality programing and having a blast with that format as well.

So I’m alive and producing/directing live and recorded tv in North Carolina and beyond… and I love talking about it. I’d really love to hear any questions you might have. Leave me a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer you.

Stay tuned…