How to Get on Roku

How to Get on Roku

A lot of folks want to know “How do I get on Roku?” Well, here is my recipe for how to get on Roku.

One great way to leverage your content library is to deliver to as many free sources as possible. While this was once a shotgun approach, many smart marketers have discovered that a more strategic approach will build a loyal following faster across multiple platforms that have a large user base.

Roku is one of the largest streaming media players on the planet with over 8 million devices shipped. To top all that, Roku now streams Google Play Movies and TV. Some pundits are claiming that Roku is threatening Cable and Satellite.

So, let’s stream on Roku!

If you are looking to start your Roku Channel, you basically have 3 options.

  1. Hire it out.
  2. Program it yourself.
  3. Find a tool that will do it for you.

Setting up a Roku channel can be intimidating. The Roku API and scripting language are easy enough, if you live in the word or APIs and script writing.

Hire It Out

The approach I took while in Charlotte, NC (where I set up the channel for Aviv Moon Production and A Rood Awakening) was to hire a company to do all the heavy lifting. The cost is reasonable ($2000-$3000) and takes about a month to complete. I chose to work with Streamotor, a division of Imavex.

Once your channel is set up you are in “developer mode” and can see you channel on Roku (but others can’t). After final tweaks and adjustments, your channel is pushed live for the world to see.

A few advantages of using Streamotor are:

  1. Ability to be included on Google Play
  2. Content placed on an additional Website.
  3. Easy to use interface for adding content.
  4. Pay per view options (additional cost)

Streamotor is a great choice if you have the cash to spend and a library you want to monetize.

Program It Yourself.

Nope… not gonna happen. Unless you have a degree in computer science, avoid this option like the plague.

Find a Tool That Will Do It For You (No, not THAT kind of tool!)

There IS an SAS tool available for you to use to create your own Roku channel and it’s called Instant TV Channel. This butt-ugly site rocks Roku! What this site lacks in design esthetic, they more than make up in ease of use, easy to follow instructions and a wide range of features. Here are the steps you will be doing on the Instant TV Channel site:

  1. Create your Channel Name
  2. Add Your Channel Graphics
  3. Associate your Amazon S3 buckets with the system
  4. Link To Your Content
  5. Test
  6. Launch

I going this route now and having a blast. Not only is it easy, but there is a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, I’m in charge of the entire process. All in it will take you all of a day or two to get your channel live on the Roku service.

Instant TV Channel allows you to not only stream free content but also stream LIVE content. Additionally, the ITC paid service allows you to offer Pay Per View.

What you will need to get on Roku:

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback about the process. I’d love to see your Roku channel too. If you have one, let me know the Channel Name.


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  1. Butt-Ugly!! It took a lot of hard work to fine-tune that classic “1990s” look on the website! 😉

    1. Yep, but it really works well. They do need a bit of a facelift!

    2. And… as the owner you get to say whatever you want about your site 😉 Thanks Scott!!

  2. Hey, they are the only game in town so they don’t need to change. Once they have some competition they’ll change 😉

  3. I use Streamotor, and like their service. However we are being charged $99 per month + $0.029 per GB for bandwidth usage. This will really add up as we expand our marketing to the point where we will likely need to migrate off the platform. Are there any other services including Instant TV Channel that partner with CDNs (in Streamotor’s case, Limelight networks) to deliver transcoded video at a more reasonable price?

    1. You can use Instant TV with any CDN. I use Amazon Cloud (S3).

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