Get 100,000 Subscribers

Get 100,000 Subscribers

There are many elements to a successful marketing campaign. There are a lot of moving parts and each one has its own idiosyncrasies. Video marketing and a successful video campaign has 5 main elements that are easy to follow and implement. I’m going to drill down into some detail on each of the five element so you can take this recipe and put it into your own marketing strategy with success. First let’s define success. Success is attaining a goal. Your campaign’s goal may be to add more subscribers on YouTube. It may be to add more names to your email list. YouTube declares you successful (initially) when you get 100,000 subscribers. I know because I got a very cool plaque that acknowledges this accomplishment. I want to help you get one too! However you define success in your campaign, this process will help you exceeded your goal. The 5 elements to a successful video campaign are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Authority
  3. Problem & Solution
  4. Call to Action
  5. Closing the Loop

1. Consistency

hello-my-name-is-consistencyTo be consistent is to be successful. There, I said it! Being consistent with your marketing reaps huge rewards. However a number of things get in the way of being consistent. Mostly they are the inability to hold consistency as a sacred thing. You would never think of missing a meal for your children. You would ‘rarely’ forget to let your dog go outside. If you are dating someone, you wouldn’t dream of not calling unless you wanted the relationship to fade and/or die. Consistency is attainable if you make the tasks fun, easy and efficient. Here are the tactics  I use to help myself and my clients create consistent campaigns. Chunk for Success – Like the phrase says, “In for a Penny, In for a Pound”. If you have the opportunity to create a video, create a lot of videos. It may sound simple but if you are going to set up for a video shoot, get dressed, set the lighting, adjust the audio, etc., etc. Why not knock as many video out as you can set aside time for? “Chunking” refers to the process of grouping like tasks together. I have done this with a great deal of success and it makes life fun, and work efficient. Instead of setting up and shooting 1 video. Shoot 10. I normally shoot 10-15 videos in half a day for my clients. This way we get together once a quarter, film all their weekly episodes ahead of time and I’m out! Then, I get back to my office and ‘chunk’ the editing – knocking out all 15 videos in an afternoon. I upload these and set a new one to go live in WordPress and on YouTube each week. Jon Lee Dumas over at Entrepreneur On Fire podcast records 8 podcasts on a Monday, edits them on a Tuesday and has the rest of the week to work on other things. This is how he has been able to get his daily podcasts online for over 2 years running. He has become a HUGE success and his consistency is a large part of that success. Here is how to chunk your video series, video marketing campaign or podcast.

  • Define the goal
  • Set the number of associated videos
  • Film them at one time
  • Edit them the next day
  • Upload them the following day and set the release schedule
  • Engage with the audience

Chunking can be effective if you are a one man band and if you hire someone to do it for you. Hiring a video crew to shoot 10-15 videos in a half day is more cost effective than hiring a crew to come out each and every time you want to film a new video. Editing goes double! You can get a much better rate if you get an editing package than if you get an editor at an hourly rate. Chunking can help eliminate the productivity killers of

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough resources
  • Too many distractions

This process has helped me manage a number of YouTube channels – one with 20,000 subscribers, one with 84,000 now 109,000 subscribers. A consistent release schedule builds trust and loyalty with your fan base. Think about it, if your favorite show came on “every once in a while”, would you be excited or frustrated? If you don’t chunk your efforts you simply need to make your weekly (or daily) routine sacred. When I produced a live two-hour show every Friday night, the audience was always waiting for us to deliver. We built that trust up over time and we held that day sacred. Nothing interrupted the show from going on. I think we cancelled a filming because of snow once, but we aired a repeat so as not to disappoint our audience. Momentum is key.  It takes a while to gain traction in the marketplace. But once you do, it propels you like a rocket ship. Keep consistent and your efforts will pay off.

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