This site is about two three things:
1. Becoming a Master of Retire.
2. Thumbing your nose at the idea that only old people retire.
3. Thumbing your nose at the idea of EVER retiring.

Short Intro:
One day you will transition from working for someone else to a more independent lifestyle. This site is all about that journey.

Long Intro:
I started this blog after being an employee, an entrepreneur, semi-retired, an employee again, an intra-preneur… all before I was anywhere near retirement age. I have an amazing life and love both being an employee and an entrepreneur. However after reading some great blogs about location independent work and internet lifestyle blogs, I realized that everyone, including me, faces the fact that at some point in time we will no longer work. True story! Most of us don’t think about this too much. But those of us that do realize that we want to be in charge of the timing and not have it left to circumstances like age, health, boss’ whim, etc.

Your own retirement mastery involves a few things:
– Deciding what you want your day to look like.
– Mapping your journey.
– Funding your lifestyle.
– Dealing with the unexpected.

I’m doing all these right now and I’m sharing the journey and discoveries with you.
So, on August 7, 2015 Retire Fu was born. Helping people become a Master of Retire – at any age – through trial and error. Plus, some sage advice from the community!

Other Projects

Some of my other projects include: – how to develop a Cult-Like following. – how do do just about anything with WordPress.

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