Element 5 – Closing the Loop

OK, first of all, thanks for staying with me on this. Getting to 100,000 subscribers and having a successful video campaign is not hard but you have to be diligent. Follow the steps and you will get to 100,000 subscribers!

So now we come to…

The Bonus

“The Bonus?” you ask. Yep, remember I talked about going deep and not wide? Well getting 100,000 subscribers isn’t as hard as it used to be. What IS hard is converting these subscribers into CUSTOMERS (going deep). Having a large subscriber base is good, having a large subscriber base that loves you, wants what you have and will follow you for it is way better. If I stopped here you would get to 100,000 subscribers; however you would starve. We need to close the loop between subscriber and customer. Here’s how…

The goal is to help more people get further. You can help them by providing more great content, teaching them things they didn’t know, answering questions they may have, or otherwise engaging with them and providing goods or services. Not to be crass, but you want to sell your viewers more, to take them further. The content you give away establishes your authority and trust. What you sell, solves specific problems they are having. As the trusted authority, people will give you money to help them shortcut the processes they are struggling with.

100,000 isn’t important

Getting to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube is not as important as how you treat each and every subscriber on your way to 100,000. Providing great information on a consistent schedule will not only build authority and trust, but a loyal following. A loyal following that will hang on your every word and want to do things the way you do. Use the gear that you use. Dress the way that you dress. I’ve been involved with video marketing and membership websites for a while now and one thing I can assure you, the authority is watched very closely and imitated. I say this so that you will respect the power of your newfound authority and remain trustworthy.

Nothing happens until someone sells something

That famous quote is by Jim Barksdale – CEO of Netscape, COO of FedEx et al. If you are in business to make money, you know that a lot goes into making something (anything) happen. And, the sale is the goal, the amount of sales the scorecard. So, let’s rack up some wins.

Keep it simple – Ask

The way to successfully close the loop after you have built up your authority and trust, is to keep it simple and ask for the sale. You have shared great information, you have established yourself as someone who has some specific knowledge, you are the authority for your audience, you are a trusted resource – now ask for the sale. I love the line “for more information, visit my website”. There are a lot of versions of this but this works great. Now it’s your job to have your product ready and your funnel in place. With a product or service that aligns with what you have been sharing, your “ask” will be easy. I’ll cover the “ask” in another post but remember to ask. If you have studied sales at all you know the mantra of A.B.C. – Always Be Closing. Today it’s Always Be Giving, then Ask.

Free vs Paid

The most common question I get is “What should I give away and what should I charge for?” Here are a few models that work quite well:

  1. Give the Why, Charge for the How – Give out great reasons why someone needs to be doing something, and charge for your Deep Dive.
  2. Give Tactics, Charge for Strategies – Tips and tactics are great information but unless they are part of a unified strategy they will not be as effective.
  3. Give Strategies, Charge for Tactics – the inverse is also true for some companies.
  4. Give Entertainment, Charge for Products/Information – tough to pull off but if you are good at humor and entertaining people, this works great.
  5. Give Interviews, Charge for How To’s – John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur does this quite well. He has built a large audience of entrepreneurs via his daily podcast. He teaches his followers how to do what he does (podcasts, webinars). John asked his audience what they wanted and they said “to do what you do”.
  6. Give a Sample, Charge for the Full – If you have a class you are selling, give away free sample parts of the class.
  7. Give Everything, Sell the Collection – I am constantly amazed when I see this strategy. Amazed at how well it works!

As you can see there are a lot of ways to break up your content and develop at a successful strategy.

We looked at the 5 Elements of a Successful Video Campaign and how to get to 100,000 subscribers.

  1. Consistency
  2. Authority
  3. Problem vs Solution
  4. Call to Action
  5. Closing the Loop

As I mentioned before, it’s not hard but one needs to be focused to pull it off. By being a consistent video creator, magic begins to happen. Stating your authority keeps new viewers engaged. Stating a clear problem and answering it with a solution elevates you to guru status. Adding a call to action allows you to continue the conversation. And finally, closing the loop puts dollars in your pocket and turns your hobby into a true business.

Thanks for hanging in with me on this series. If this was helpful, please leave a comment here.

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