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Monthly Archives: July 2014


How to Increase YouTube Views

Learning how to increase YouTube views is perhaps the most important aspect of your content delivery strategy. YouTube, like Google, likes to see things as they are “naturally”. In other words, don’t try to game the system. As someone who manages a YouTube channel with over 83,ooo subscribers, I should know. The Strategies and specific tactics I’m about to show you will place you far above the typical video blogger and get you into the YouTube Most Viewed category.

The Short History of Online Video

Online video has been around for a relatively short period of time. Follow along as I take you through the short history of online video including some of the most influential companies and technologies…

Still Here – Annual Checkup

I'm still standing... like the song title goes. Still standing and kicking. Now standing and kicking in sunny Tampa, Florida and loving the palm trees, heat and humidity. Funny how things change... and change quickly. The last time I updated this blog was exactly a year ago to the day. This is purely by accident.