What’s a Polymath?

Strictly speaking a polymath is a multi-disciplinarian. A polymath is not a specialist but a generalist. Our gift or ‘super power’ is that we can see pairings in seemingly diverse fields and come up with unique solutions.

I’ve been a “Creative Developer” my whole life. As a ‘creative’ I’ve traveled the world photographing and filming all sorts of people and have crafted exciting visuals that are uniquely compelling. I have brought the stories of cultures, companies, and individuals to broader audiences for over 25 years.

As a ‘developer’, I endeavor to find solutions that are practical yet unique.  Innovation happens at the intersection of ideas. My background includes the fields of Music, Audio Engineering, Photography, Filmmaking, Writing, eCommerce and Marketing… to name a few.

It All Works Together

The Awesome Difference

Website Development

Complete website design and development.

Beautifully Crafted

I build websites using ‘Return On Design’ best practices. I focus on the business goals of your online presence.

Marketing Strategies

It all works together!

Marketing Strategies

It all has to work together or you will waste time and money.


Painless setup and reporting.


eCommerce that’s frictionless and easy. From SSL to your Payment Gateway and everything in between.


A guaranteed difference.


Photography and design that will increase your opt-in rate and reduce your bounce rate or your money back.


Video is the next wave of the internet.

Video That Converts

Where’s yours? If you don’t have video on your site you lose. I’ll create it for you. Win Win!


A sustainable content strategy.

Content Is Still King

Let me put my Content Ring to work for you. Less work for you, more impact on your audience.

Polymath Superpowers

Recent Work

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out mine.

Executive Producer

Camera / Edit

Producer / Camera / Edit

Learning Management System

Branding + Content

Web Development Portfolio

eCommerce Franchise

Meet The Team


Jim’s a Goldfish. Here are his details:

Location: Dunedin, Florida
Status: Single
Hobbies: NA

Perry Lawrence

I’m easy to find. Here are some details:

Location: Dunedin, Florida
Status: Happily Married
Hobbies: Sailing – always sailing.


Inseparable. Here are some details:

Location: Dunedin, Florida
Status: Ambiguous
Hobbies: Photography

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